• Jing Liu and Jason Chan
    Sensory Architecture 2010-2011
    Profs. Michael Su & Chris Perry

Class of 2014 : From Humanity to Urbanity

Istanbul Frequencies by Kirsten Crock & Hande Oney

Profs. Philippe Baumann and Michael Su

Projects by: Shachar Beer, Brandon Conde, Kirsten Crock, Abraham Dreazen, Shir Erlich, Daniel Fletcher, Natalia Kagkou, Hyung Joon Kim, Hande Oney, Helen Park, Maria Quinteros, Marco Sanchez, & Tracy Tam

Class of 2013 : Independent Thesis

RED by David Lam, Oliver Allaux, & Steven Newton

Profs. Philippe Baumann and Michael Su

Projects by: Oliver Allaux, David Lam, Steven Newton, Arianna Lebed, Suchita Shah, Hasan Bahar, Lauren Odell, Ryan Harvey, Yuanyang Teng, & Leila Jada

Class of 2012 : Convergent Architectures

Protective Expanse by Ben Poulin

Profs. Jonas Coersmeier and Michael Su

Projects by: Benjamin Poulin, Zirui Zhuang, Eun Ji Lee, Dessen Hillman, Julia Lee, Myung-il Lee, Alexander Alman, Stephanie Rivas, & Bruce Varughese

Classes of 2008 to 2011 : Sensory Architecture

Infra Mesh by Iris Fong, Saman Hosseini, Kendrick Lam, & Karl Roarty

Profs. Chris Perry and Michael Su

Projects by: Patrick Collins, Ariana Lader and Jessica Becker, Iris Fong, Saman Hosseini, Kendrick Lam, Karl Roarty, Laura Amaiei, Nicole Grosso, Jonathan Nichols, Andrew Bloomfield, Nick Scalone, Justin Snider, David Evancho, Maria Obregon, Xuedi Chen, Mohammod Alam, Jing Liu and Jason Chan, Steven Koutsantonis and Darius Somers, William Orlando, Ashley Murphy, Lucas Chung, & Paul Langley

Scenes from our Studios (Classes of 2007 – 2014)

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